Satori garden design offers full-service ornamental and edible landscape design, install oversight and garden coaching.  Garden design and implementation is done using the most sustainable practices in relationship to plants, water and materials. More importantly, the process of arriving at a design is one of collaboration, education and discovery.



Three Year Garden Rotation Plan: The Benefits of Crop Rotation
Here’s an interesting article and graphic that I’ve been asked to share! Rotating crops can help break pest and disease cycles, improve soil health, and even reduce maintenance while increasing yields. But the thought of rotational planting can be daunting. This article explains why crop rotation is important and sets out [...]
Fri, May 08, 2015
Permaculture North Central Victoria is very pleased to announce Lisa Heenan will MC and Darren J. Doherty (aka Regrarians) will present at ‘A Celebration Connecting the Many Facets of a Permanent Culture’ with SOIL HEALTH KEY to ALL [...]
Sat, Apr 25, 2015
SGA (Sustainable Gardening Australia) is holding its second training forum providing gardeners with practical advice on how to reconnect gardens with the surrounding environment. Make Make a booking for "Nature’s Tool Kit For Pest Management : Win / Win Outcomes For Gardener And Environment" and join us in a discussion on how [...]
Sat, Apr 11, 2015
Guest Article by Paul Taylor, PhD Biochar Consultant, “Biochar, produced in pyrolysis of residues from crops, forestry, and animal wastes, can be used to restore soil fertility while storing carbon for centuries to millennia. Biochar helps soil retain nutrients and fertilizers, reducing emissions of GHGs such as N2O….” James Hanson In this article [...]
Sun, Mar 15, 2015
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city-farm.png Surrounded by urban sprawl and just a short distance from a freeway, the Urban Homestead project is a family operated and highly productive city farm. It is also a successful, real-life working model for [...]
Wed, Jan 28, 2009