Meet Arleen

Satori Garden Design is the “outcropping” of my long term passion for plants, art and design.  I grew up on a small farm in the Central Valley of California and we were always growing something – mainly things to eat.  In addition to loving horticulture, I’ve always been a creative and curious type.  Whether it’s drawing, knitting, painting, scrapbooking, jewelry design, mosaics, paper making…I love it all.   I’m sure my friends find me a little crazy, but I’ve embraced my need to create.  Why fight it?!

I find garden design is a fabulous blend of so many lessons I’ve learned in my life.  You can’t rush a great landscape, rather you need to sit still and listen to what the space is asking to become.  I see the design process as sort of painting with plants – not just their color but their texture, their leaf shape and the general effect they lend to the overall composition that is the garden.  In this approach, flowers are secondary to foliage color and texture.  What you get is a landscape that is always interesting and beautiful.

I love the left brain part of the design process too like soil science, irrigation design and plant nomenclature.   I strongly believe a beautiful landscape is one that not only looks good but does good for the earth.  This means a landscape should be in rhythm with the climate it’s in, it should support and improve the soil it’s growing in as well as provide a habitat.  In other words a successful garden is one that gives more than it takes.

Satori Garden Design is based in Santa Monica, California, where we are blessed with extraordinary weather.  There is no rest for gardeners here!  Santa Monica is a city that strongly supports sustainable design and I feel lucky to be practicing here and contributing one sustainable garden at a time.

Keep Growing,

Arleen Ferrara

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