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My design projects have ranged from formal to naturalistic, from Mediterranean to modern. The one consistent theme that runs throughout the gardens I design is I really try to thoughtfully develop the planting plan so that each plant has a purpose even if it’s just to look lovely in context to what it’s planted with.  I love to support habitat with planting material and invite beneficial insects.  I strongly encourage my clients to consider the gardens impact in terms of water usage, permeability and durability.  This approach extends not just to plant material, but to material selection, irrigation design etc…

This client wanted a aromatic and natural front yard that reminded her of hiking in the Santa Monica mountains.

This clean-lined cottage begged for a little enclosure on it\'s busy street. The decomposed granite berms filled with succulents contain the \'Siskiyou Blue\' Fescue meadow while the bold pavers are softened by lush succulent ground cover.

This formal garden complements the crisp, traditional home. The challenge was creating a garden with a formal, appealing layout in a space that was trapezoidal. Choosing an axis on the California Sycamore allowed for a solution.

This backyard was water-hogging lawn and glaring concrete. It was transformed into a natural entertaining oasis with an outdoor kitchen, water feature, fire bowl and plenty of lovely, climate-appropriate plants.