A Future Garden for Frankin? Your Vote Can Help! | Satori Garden Design
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A Future Garden for Frankin? Your Vote Can Help!

The Franklin Reading and Learning LibraryI’ve been a parent at Franklin Elementary in Santa Monica so long I can barely remember life before it. Since I’m not planning on any more kids, I can safely say I’ll be there for three more years with my youngest. This is meaningful because I’d like to accomplish something I’ve been wanting to do for so long for the school…..make a beautiful garden the kids can BE IN. Despite the plantings I’ve done around campus, I’ve yet to give the kids a place to sit in and be surrounded by edible, California natives, beneficial plants, etc…. Things they can tend to, study, brush past and observe.
Well, as life often works, as soon as I put that dream on the way back burner I heard about the Treepeople Goodmaker Challenge to green up LA. I felt like a little door (or rather a garden gate) had been opened to the possibility of putting the garden in at last. The winner of the challenge gets cash, materials and volunteers to realize their green space. I’m hoping your vote can get me and the kids all the way through that little garden gate and into a garden of our own….please click here to VOTE