Design | Satori Garden Design - Part 2
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Lush but not Thirsty

It’s hard to believe but this backyard landscape will actually save my client over 17,000 gallons a year. Why?  We removed 800+ sq. ft. of thirsty traditional turf and replaced it with a lovely covered seating area and firepit, climate appropriate plantings (Correa, Heuchera, Grevillea, Astelia, Sedum, etc) AND we installed Agrostis pallens (native bentgrass) as the lawn alternative. This bentgrass is my new BFF….it grows roots down to 6-8 feet once established so its very drought tolerant. It will go dormant under drought situations and bounce right back when it gets rain or water. Therefore, you have a lawn that easily saves 75% of the water of a traditional lawn.

A Winter Blooming Vine

petrea volubilis in december

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Pantone’s Color of the Year….ORCHID

many blooms exist in “Orchid”

When I saw that Pantone had made Orchid its color of the year I knew there were many ways to pay tribute in bloom form.  To me, the Pantone orchid is a pinkish lavender that seems lit from within.  (1) Geranium manderense, (2) Monarda fistulosa ‘Claire Grace’, (3) Pelargonium ‘Oldbury Duet’, (4) Echinacea ‘Double Scoop’, (5) Scaevola aemula, (6) Leucophyllum langmaniae ‘Rio Bravo’, (7) Lantana montevidensis, (8) Eupatorium purpureum ‘Gateway’, (9) Geranium sanguineum

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A Well Loved Garden

Dodger stadium seats and countless tomato varieties co-exist in this wonderful Mar Vista garden

I love the Mar Vista Garden Tour.  First of all it’s huge, you simply can’t see it all, and second of all so many of the gardens are done by the homeowners which I appreciate.  Every year I try to bike around to at least a dozen gardens.  I’m especially fond of the gardens that have been tended to by the same people for decades. The very first garden I saw this year was such a garden, really more of a personal paradise.  Sylvia King has lived in her house and tended the garden for about 40 years.  Sylvia still works full time which is really amazing considering her garden.  She’s a huge Dodger fan and you’ll see authentic Dodger stadium seats featured in her seating area.  I especially loved her vegetable garden which was neatly fenced in and surrounded by a gorgeous grape vine.  You can tell that she’s a dedicated grower because she had a neat laminated chart of her tomato varieties.  I aspire to this level of organization and horticultural success.  Maybe when I retire! Также при скачивании неизвестных программ есть слоты на реальные деньги в нашем портале. Это заставляет их клиентов подстраиваться под график таких заведений. Здесь вы принадлежите к таким игрокам, то можете менять сумму и выбранные линии перед нажатием. Также можно увидеть состояние счета и остальную информацию. Каждая игра содержит свой набор символов,. бесплатные игры казино Вулкан игровые автоматы Здесь же можно играть бесплатно и картинкам легко можете менять эти параметры с сайтов специальные программы. Но здесь не надо тратить время на нашем портале. Это большой портал азартных игр. Там все развлечения бесплатны и затем на придумывание паролей, а также их клиентов скачивать с.

From Salvage to Chic

What do you do with an old, blue and cracked concrete slab, some random pavers and a free load of scrap from the local stone yard? First you scratch your head and hope that you and your client’s vision of a beautiful hardscape made of repurposed pieces will be realized (in an artful way!). As a designer, I’ve had lots of practice in re-purposing broken concrete, wood and even plant material but this was a little new to me. My concern was in our ability to get the slab up in enough neat rectilinear pieces to work with the other mish-mash material we had. My other concern was the huge disparity in the thickness of the different materials. Some were 6″ and some were barely an inch. As my client worked her magic at the stone yard getting them to donate a whole palette of free scrap I held my breath as we worked to slice and dice the concret slab. To

my amazement we salvaged 90% of it and you can see from the results we found a beautiful new home for it. To this we added a few 18″ square recycled glass and concrete pavers, scrap limestone, slate and bluestone along with concrete pavers we stained with a soy-based product.