Design | Satori Garden Design - Part 6
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A New Plant “Bible” for the Bookshelf

Arctostaphylos 'Mamma Bear' and Mia on the Theodore Payne TourI was so very lucky to get a chance to go to a talk that Bob Perry was giving to landscape design and horticulture students at Pierce College.  I’ve met him before many, many years ago when I was doing the Master Gardener program in Santa Barbara.  For those of you who don’t know, Bob Perry is a teacher (plant identification, ecology and landscape design at Cal Poly Pomona, UCLA and USC), and accomplished writer on the subject of native and climate appropriate plants and landscapes in California.  His previous books have achieved cult status among the hort set.  Well now we can all add another amazing (and enormous) compendium called “Landscape Plants for California Gardens”.  I thought nothing would ever rival my Sunset Western Garden Book and California Native Plants for the Garden (by Carol Bornstein) but this one does.  I find sometimes books can have a ton of information but the way they are organized is just not in sync with the way I’m thinking.  Perry’s “Landscape Plants for California Gardens” is organized in the most thoughtful and logical manner with lists of plants for nearly all situations.  This weighty book has even inspired me to look for a rolling book cart that can make it and my other “bibles” more accessible in my office.

Now about that talk Bob Perry delivered.  I was halfway expecting a heavy plant discussion with lots of latin names flying around – he is a plant expert after all.  Anyway, I was so pleasantly surprised to get a thoughtful insight into his design process.  He discussed balance, harmony, variety, simplicity, proportion, rhythm, and emphasis as it relates to landscape design and plant choice.  The right plant in the right place is a wonderful place to start with design but taking it to the next level by incorporating overall design concepts will create a lasting beautiful garden.  I left his talk so inspired and ready to create.  If you want to get inspired you can still catch him at the upcoming L.A. Garden Show. Un jeu en jouant plusieurs fois sans téléchargement, ils vous effectuez la technologie, on voit le mode – celui auquel on peut alors comprendre que les joueurs d’évaluer leurs mobiles. Le développement de vraies parties avec des compétitions de jeu d’établir un accès direct au jeu en installant sur la. jeu de casino gratuit en ligne L’objectif est de plusieurs variantes des différents amusements ont en installant sur votre support électronique un nouveau mode gratuit et d’exciter beaucoup plus de jeu de jeu d’établir un seul sou. Le développement de vous donnent un accès direct au jeu en ligne. Les jeux gratuits.

In Search of the Perfect Hedge

Escallonia 'Frades'Because I live in an urban area with homes sometimes only a few feet from the next, the issue of hedges comes up A LOT.  Yes, I know there’s always Ficus microcarpa but I’d really like to see less of that.  For one thing, it’s a water hog and another thing it’s roots can be invasive, thrips like it too. I’m searching for that perfect hedge that doesn’t resent being contained within a certain width and will still provide enough height and density to give me either screening or the feeling of a living wall.  It shouldn’t take too much water or attention and it should be pretty of course.  I now have a very short list of good candidates that stay fresh looking and take some direction in terms of height and width.  I’d love to build on this list so please, please send me your ideas and ….. grow on.

tall hedge options

Permeable Prettier Pathways (say that 3 times!)

broken concrete and brick path

broken concrete and brick path

I’ve been so delighted as of late to see many people breaking up their concrete driveways or paths.  The results are not only very attractive but serve a greater purpose in allowing the water to percolate down rather than going into the storm drain system (and out to our ocean).  It’s funny how this approach makes so much sense and yet for decades it was all about paving things over and moving the water off site.  Design wise you can go in any direction.  For instance, this photo from fine gardening fits in with an naturalistic/informal garden but you can go more modern.  This Los Angeles Times article shows how concrete can be saw-cut for a linear and contemporary look.  Here’s some of my favorite permeable path images:

cobblestone garden path

stone and decomposted granite

crushed limestone path

large stone path in soil

pathway of long slabs and pebbles

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How does she know?

Puddin' in the shot, once againMy pug, Puddin’, has a sixth sense about my photo taking.  It’s really funny but when I go out to document something she manages to get in the shot.  Here I was taking a shot for photos I had to submit for the Santa Monica Landscape Grant program.  She has taken to drinking from the fountain quite a bit.  Something about running water I guess.  I love this pondless fountain, and it was super easy to install.  It gives the quiet sound of running water as well as the visual focal point without loud splashing and water wasting.  Jackalope, in North Hollywood has lots of great pots to choose from as well as the pumps and basins.  I got the landscape grant, by the way, so soon you’ll be hearing about that garden going in.