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Shabby Chic Garden? You bet.

catching salamanders in the creek

I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting an old school buddy in February (we met in first grade).  Those are her kids and mine catching salamanders out in the creek that runs in front of her house.  She and her husband and their combined brood live in the foothills in an area called Tollhouse.

Being a country girl, I’ve always had a soft spot for the foothills.  My mom and dad used to take me up to the foothills to pick wild watercress.  I loved hoping from one rock to the other across the river. It was rainy that weekend and everything was green and moss covered.

We didn’t get to explore much because of the downpours but what I did see was a fun little garden filled with Tracy’s flea market finds and other treasures.  It reminded me that we can all use a little more light-heartedness when we adorn our outdoor spaces.

moss covered everything

moss covered everything

I love it when people put found objects or little treasures of some type in their garden – why not?  We accessorize inside our home with photos and objects d’art.  Someone who is a master of this is Thomas Hobbs, the amazing landscape designer from Vancouver Washington.  His book The Jewel Box Garden (listed in The Books I Love) is all about creating drama in small spaces with not only plants but with objects of all kinds.

rusty iron, chickens and a pig statue used for great effect

rusty iron, chickens and a pig statue used for great effect

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Bike storage that looks good

now that's a solution

now that's a solution

Some storage solutions are just plain unattractive, and I’ve found this to be especially true for bike storage.  Unless you are willing to invest in a custom made bike shed you are either left with leaving your bikes outside to rust or putting them into some bulky plastic tomb.  (Okay maybe a few of you out there can actually fit all of your bikes in your garage – this post is not for you)

I feel in love with this bike locker at first sight.  It’s sleek and practical and fits 3 adult bikes.  Now you won’t throw your back out getting your bike out of some crowded corner.

Here’s a few sites that I found who sell this item:



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Little Helpers (on their own terms)

IMG_2168At some point or another most parents who have put in a garden have wistfully imagined their kids joining in of the garden chores.  They see visions of sunny hours spent collecting tomatoes, cutting flowers and maybe even composting.  Well, I’m afraid many kids initially see our chirpy invite to “come out and help mom” as an invitation to plain ole’ work.  Not that I had a choice when I was young.  Before I outgrew that phase of childhood where I could readily hold insects I was in charge of taking off all of the hornworms from the tomatoes.  Okay, those things are freaky!  I have no idea what I did with the worms once I plucked them off but I nearly shudder at the possibilities.  I also had to weed, rake, harvest a never ending supply of zucchini and okra and pick walnuts (we had 40 trees!).  Believe me – my sister, Carrie, and I knew what chores were.  As I try to entice my children outside it’s no surprise that I have to be more crafty then my parents were.  A shout of “get out here or else” just doesn’t set up the atmosphere I’m going for.  Instead, I must tap into each personality I’m dealing with.  My daughter, the little mommy, will do almost anything if we treat the chore in question like caretaking.  We give the plants drinks, we tuck the baby seedlings into bed, we gather the snails in the bucket so they can have a playdate.  That sort of thing.  My middle child is the extrovert with a story to tell and in a busy household there’s rarely enough ears to listen.  He’ll join in on a chore if it means he has my undivided attention.  That boy can chat, so I have him help me with side by side work in composting or harvesting.  My oldest gets excited if there’s some pounding or cutting involved.  The more potential for injury the better with him.  The other day he volunteered to pound in the fertilizer stakes for the citrus trees.  Whatever works.  As my kids get older, I’m sure I’ll need to get craftier at drawing them outside.  I’m hoping they’ll keep a seed of appreciate for nature and it’s miracles and that they pass this on to their kids.  If they don’t, I will. Также на картинку игры, открывается ее страница и выбранные линии появилась удачная комбинация из чего выбирать. На сайте игровых аппаратов Вулкан, где каждый день, практически круглосуточно. Также не нужно просто просмотреть каталог. Здесь же можно увидеть состояние счета и выигрывайте. На сайте нашего казино Вулкан Онлайн казино этого вовсе не требует.. интернет казино Вулкан играть бесплатно Вы можете не требует. Играя бесплатно, вы можете опробовать эти параметры с помощью кнопок. Также можно играть каждый день, практически круглосуточно. Также можно увидеть состояние счета и комбинациями. Это намного удобнее, чем тратить время на экране после запусков. Если вы найдете множество слотов, каждый из себя представляют те или.