How does she know? | Satori Garden Design
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How does she know?

Puddin' in the shot, once againMy pug, Puddin’, has a sixth sense about my photo taking.  It’s really funny but when I go out to document something she manages to get in the shot.  Here I was taking a shot for photos I had to submit for the Santa Monica Landscape Grant program.  She has taken to drinking from the fountain quite a bit.  Something about running water I guess.  I love this pondless fountain, and it was super easy to install.  It gives the quiet sound of running water as well as the visual focal point without loud splashing and water wasting.  Jackalope, in North Hollywood has lots of great pots to choose from as well as the pumps and basins.  I got the landscape grant, by the way, so soon you’ll be hearing about that garden going in.