In Search of the Perfect Hedge | Satori Garden Design
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In Search of the Perfect Hedge

Escallonia 'Frades'Because I live in an urban area with homes sometimes only a few feet from the next, the issue of hedges comes up A LOT.  Yes, I know there’s always Ficus microcarpa but I’d really like to see less of that.  For one thing, it’s a water hog and another thing it’s roots can be invasive, thrips like it too. I’m searching for that perfect hedge that doesn’t resent being contained within a certain width and will still provide enough height and density to give me either screening or the feeling of a living wall.  It shouldn’t take too much water or attention and it should be pretty of course.  I now have a very short list of good candidates that stay fresh looking and take some direction in terms of height and width.  I’d love to build on this list so please, please send me your ideas and ….. grow on.

tall hedge options