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Invite the Amazing

   "hey there blue eyes"

My husband sent me a copy of this image not because he was trying to freak me out but because he knows that I appreciate insects and I invite them into my garden. I still get a little jumpy when faced with some of the larger bugs like the creepy Orb Spiders I know are harmless. They particularly love to build webs on our front porch so that when the kids are in a rush out the door in the mornings they come face to face with them. They also love to build just beyond my kitchen window so I can admire their architectural web wonders while I do the dishes. Despite the frequent frights I experience from the spiders and other bugs I encounter, I relish them because I know they are a sign of a healthy garden eco-system. And because I’m a really lazy gardener I absolutely count on this diversity to keep all of my insect populations in check. Spraying your garden as a means for insect control will in the short term address the “problem” insects but unfortunately it will also harm the beneficial insects that are out there fighting the good fight for you every day. Isn’t it better to just invite the beneficial insects to your garden? The easiest way to do this is by having a diversity of plants and plenty of California Natives. Also mulching is another way to create environments for beneficial insects. Another thing I’m trying this year is mixing in some of my edibles with my ornamental plants. I’m trying to see if this will lessen the “all you can eat buffet” of my intensive veggie garden where the aphids attack my broccoli and cauliflower and the snails eradicate my seedling of all types. seo website analysis . Another important thing to remember is that happy plants are far less susceptible to attack. When a plant is stressed it actually emits a chemical that says “come and get me.” So if you have a plant that is routinely ravaged by insects you need to figure if that plants is actually in the right place (too much sun or water? or too little?). Perhaps it’s just a very susceptible variety. I have roses that struggle each year with rust and aphids and I have some that are never bothered by either.

The following is a quick list of things to keep in mind when inviting beneficial insects:
* Low growing plants as cover for ground beetles (thyme, rosemary, or mint)
* Shady, protected areas for laying eggs
* Tiny flowers for tiny wasps, like plants from the Umbelliferae family: fennel, angelica, coriander, dill, Queen Anne’s Lace, clovers, yarrow, and rue
* Composite flowers (daisy and chamomile) and mints (spearmint, peppermint, or catnip) to attract predatory wasps, hover flies, and robber flies

The above list was provided by the following article which has lots of good info:

Another great resource is
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