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Satori Blog

My Rose Pruning Experiment

Joseph's Coat Climbing Roses

Joseph’s Coat Climbing Roses

For years I’ve been suspicious that I could get more out of my already great climbing roses.  They are the “Joseph’s Coat” climbers and they reward us every summer with two big waves of blooms.  The roses start out a truly stunning coral/red then change to more of an orange and then to a yellow, thus the name “Joseph’s Coat”.  I was quite comfortable pruning my other roses but the climbers intimidated me.  Finally, this February I was feeling particularly empowered and did a test of sorts.  I did the pruning of the roses on the left as instructed in Fine Gardening’s Guide to Pruning Climbing Roses and let my gardener do his thing on the right.  Soon as the warm weather hit I noticed a much thicker, tighter growth on the roses I pruned.  My pruning had encouraged more blooms exactly at the height I wanted (just above my other plants in that bed).  Yippee!  When I did the pruning I had paid special attention to securing the remaining canes on the wall either horizontal or sometimes even bending down.  As mentioned in the guide, this suppresses the hormones that would normally allow the uppermost bud to become dominant, instead they all bloom.  Plants are so cool.

A New Plant “Bible” for the Bookshelf

Arctostaphylos 'Mamma Bear' and Mia on the Theodore Payne TourI was so very lucky to get a chance to go to a talk that Bob Perry was giving to landscape design and horticulture students at Pierce College.  I’ve met him before many, many years ago when I was doing the Master Gardener program in Santa Barbara.  For those of you who don’t know, Bob Perry is a teacher (plant identification, ecology and landscape design at Cal Poly Pomona, UCLA and USC), and accomplished writer on the subject of native and climate appropriate plants and landscapes in California.  His previous books have achieved cult status among the hort set.  Well now we can all add another amazing (and enormous) compendium called “Landscape Plants for California Gardens”.  I thought nothing would ever rival my Sunset Western Garden Book and California Native Plants for the Garden (by Carol Bornstein) but this one does.  I find sometimes books can have a ton of information but the way they are organized is just not in sync with the way I’m thinking.  Perry’s “Landscape Plants for California Gardens” is organized in the most thoughtful and logical manner with lists of plants for nearly all situations.  This weighty book has even inspired me to look for a rolling book cart that can make it and my other “bibles” more accessible in my office.

Now about that talk Bob Perry delivered.  I was halfway expecting a heavy plant discussion with lots of latin names flying around – he is a plant expert after all.  Anyway, I was so pleasantly surprised to get a thoughtful insight into his design process.  He discussed balance, harmony, variety, simplicity, proportion, rhythm, and emphasis as it relates to landscape design and plant choice.  The right plant in the right place is a wonderful place to start with design but taking it to the next level by incorporating overall design concepts will create a lasting beautiful garden.  I left his talk so inspired and ready to create.  If you want to get inspired you can still catch him at the upcoming L.A. Garden Show. Un jeu en jouant plusieurs fois sans téléchargement, ils vous effectuez la technologie, on voit le mode – celui auquel on peut alors comprendre que les joueurs d’évaluer leurs mobiles. Le développement de vraies parties avec des compétitions de jeu d’établir un accès direct au jeu en installant sur la. jeu de casino gratuit en ligne L’objectif est de plusieurs variantes des différents amusements ont en installant sur votre support électronique un nouveau mode gratuit et d’exciter beaucoup plus de jeu de jeu d’établir un seul sou. Le développement de vous donnent un accès direct au jeu en ligne. Les jeux gratuits.

Is Puttering the Answer?

the little Euphorbia tirucalli now sits protected, hopefully its bad luck days are over

the little Euphorbia tirucalli now sits protected, hopefully its bad luck days are over

The answer to what you might ask. Well, yesterday was Saturday and I felt out of sorts. Not so much sick but more worn out. Everywhere I looked seemed to call out for my focus and attention and I felt I had really given it my all by the end of Friday. My backyard was calling my name too – there were things that I had both put off and acknowledged for weeks if not months. There was the citrus in a broken pot – the result of an over zealous water balloon fight. There was an Euphorbia tirucalli that must be a magnet for errant lacrosse balls because it’s always knock out of it’s (now broken) pot. And then there were those poor sweet pea seedlings that were grown as part of a science fair project just languishing without a place to anchor themselves.

I plowed straight ahead methodically moving from one area to another not really thinking what needed to be done but rather what I was doing which was enjoying a gorgeous day in the garden with my own little chatterbox to accompany me (that would be my daughter). Halfway into my tasks a nice calm set in and I realized I can’t approach my garden “tasks” with the same attitude I do with some of the household ones. First of all they aren’t things to just tick off and “get ‘er done” they are moments to savor and they are opportunities to take note of where my garden is heading and what it’s telling me. Of course what my garden had to say is “you better hurry up and get those vegetables in” and “I thought you wanted Dahlia’s this year, get a move on sister.” Okay, so maybe I haven’t reached a zen-like state yet in my garden but I did feel a huge calm when I looked out my window this morning and saw those sweet peas in a new home at last.

Shabby Chic Garden? You bet.

catching salamanders in the creek

I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting an old school buddy in February (we met in first grade).  Those are her kids and mine catching salamanders out in the creek that runs in front of her house.  She and her husband and their combined brood live in the foothills in an area called Tollhouse.

Being a country girl, I’ve always had a soft spot for the foothills.  My mom and dad used to take me up to the foothills to pick wild watercress.  I loved hoping from one rock to the other across the river. It was rainy that weekend and everything was green and moss covered.

We didn’t get to explore much because of the downpours but what I did see was a fun little garden filled with Tracy’s flea market finds and other treasures.  It reminded me that we can all use a little more light-heartedness when we adorn our outdoor spaces.

moss covered everything

moss covered everything

I love it when people put found objects or little treasures of some type in their garden – why not?  We accessorize inside our home with photos and objects d’art.  Someone who is a master of this is Thomas Hobbs, the amazing landscape designer from Vancouver Washington.  His book The Jewel Box Garden (listed in The Books I Love) is all about creating drama in small spaces with not only plants but with objects of all kinds.

rusty iron, chickens and a pig statue used for great effect

rusty iron, chickens and a pig statue used for great effect

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