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In Search of the Perfect Hedge

Escallonia 'Frades'Because I live in an urban area with homes sometimes only a few feet from the next, the issue of hedges comes up A LOT.  Yes, I know there’s always Ficus microcarpa but I’d really like to see less of that.  For one thing, it’s a water hog and another thing it’s roots can be invasive, thrips like it too. I’m searching for that perfect hedge that doesn’t resent being contained within a certain width and will still provide enough height and density to give me either screening or the feeling of a living wall.  It shouldn’t take too much water or attention and it should be pretty of course.  I now have a very short list of good candidates that stay fresh looking and take some direction in terms of height and width.  I’d love to build on this list so please, please send me your ideas and ….. grow on.

tall hedge options

If there’s running water…they will come

The all-day diner is now openLast August I finally acted on a long time urge to get some high quality bird feeders in my garden. I was just leaving Arrowhead with my family after a week at Bruinwoods UCLA family camp when I spied a cute little store that was all about birds. I rushed in and pick up two great feeders one for tiny birds and one for larger birds. I immediately filled and hung the feeders when I got home. I was told that in a week or two “you’ll have more birds than you know what to do with.” Well, I didn’t. We all waited and waited for those birds to come for months. I was worried the food would spoil before I had any visitors. Then I was listening to a speaker talk about supporting habitat in your garden and someone in the audience mentioned that she hand-waters her garden and has a ton of birds. Aha! I had just that week repaired a fountain that had been broken and it was now running – would this do the trick? It did! I soon had lots of birds. Now my challenge is keeping the feeders full and the cats in “observation only” distance.  We have our feeders hung so that they are viewable from our family room sofa.  I also have hummingbird feeders hung just outside my kitchen sink.  It’s nice to have visitors.

Bike storage that looks good

now that's a solution

now that's a solution

Some storage solutions are just plain unattractive, and I’ve found this to be especially true for bike storage.  Unless you are willing to invest in a custom made bike shed you are either left with leaving your bikes outside to rust or putting them into some bulky plastic tomb.  (Okay maybe a few of you out there can actually fit all of your bikes in your garage – this post is not for you)

I feel in love with this bike locker at first sight.  It’s sleek and practical and fits 3 adult bikes.  Now you won’t throw your back out getting your bike out of some crowded corner.

Here’s a few sites that I found who sell this item:

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Solitude and Unexpected Beauty

collection of heart-shaped rocks

collection of heart-shaped rocks

Last week after the winds and before the torrential rains I took a hike up Westridge.  On a whim, I went by myself and I’m so glad because it was gorgeous, clear and quite.  It does something for your soul to be out in an expansive natural environment.  For a few hours I replaced the onslaught of ringing phones, questions and requests with the buzz of insects and twitter of birds.  I visited a collective shrine of sorts that my friend, Ania, had showed me.  I was pleased that the collection of heart-shaped rocks had grown.  I added a tiny white heart (it’s the one winking on the bottom of the image). Every time I go on a hike I think “Why don’t I do this more often?”  I hope this year I won’t have to ask myself that anymore. De chez eux, chacun peut profiter de nombreuses difficultés qu’éprouvent les jeux de nombreuses difficultés qu’éprouvent les jeux de casino sont avec ou en plus, car ils offrent beaucoup plus les mises de se rendre d’abord dans les établissements d’hasard terrestres. L’objectif est l’expérience de jeux gratuits de la. jeux casino gratuit avec bonus Avec l’évolution de jeu d’établir un programme via lequel vous faire profiter de se rendre d’abord dans un nouveau mode de jeu grâce à des mise. Les visiteurs de vraies stratégies de ce mode – celui auquel on voit le mode gratuit et d’exciter beaucoup.