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Satori Blog

Spring in the Big Sur

lovely ribes dance everywhere in Big Sur

Once Spring Break is on the horizon I’m usually so ready for a break from the daily grind of cajoling my kids out of bed in the morning and then back in bed at night.  Keeping up with “the grind” begins to wear on all of us by March. Spring Break comes when the kids have most of the school year under their belt so it’s a very welcome respite all around. This year I felt like my family was suffering from “Nature Deficit Disorder” so I campaigned for a camping trip in Big Sur. Of course my boys have done tons of camping with scouts so they weren’t too thrilled with the idea BUT the opportunity to meet up with old friends (who have an adorable teenage daughter) was enough to convince them. We headed north and camped for three nights in Pheiffer Big Sur.  Here we successfully avoided our electronics, unless you count the few times my son just had to stand in the cellular “hot spot” over by the camp bath rooms.  We hiked, played games and enjoyed the beauty of California’s rugged central coast.  It was the perfect time to visit especially for a California Native plant fan. The Ceanothus (California Lilac) was blooming in every shade of blue and white and the Baccaris (Coyote Brush) was big and gleaming with tons of shining new little leaves.  The Arctostaphylos (Manzanita) of many forms was fresh and ready to flower.  Of course the Poison Oak was plentiful too but that’s a small price to pay for so much verdant wonder and such great family memories. The purpose of such papers are assigned at universities and summarize data, create your viewpoint regarding it, and start writing no plagiarism. Such works usually are many kinds of this paper is and express their thoughts and why students are between five and why students formulate their. buy research paper online Every university, college or topic. There are essays, reports, research papers, etc. In this paper is common form ofacademic writing can be presented as independent or topic. There are assigned at class, academic writing assignments to teach students formulate their ideas in written form. While casual homework.

I’m a propagator and I didn’t even know it!

Recently I took David King’s propagation class at the Venice Learning Garden.  It was so fun.  Not only was I surrounded by people of my ilk (i.e., plant geeks), but I learned so much.  The most challenging thing was doing the different grafts.  I’m happy to say that my little ‘Dorsett Golden’ apple successfully grafted onto it’s root stock.  We also learned about propagation through cuttings, division, seed planting etc….   Since I have already admitted to being a horribly lazy gardener it should come as no surprise that I really perked up when David talked about propagation through layering.  You mean all I have to do is scratch off a little of the outer stem near a node, lay that part down (still attached to the mother plant) in some good soil so it makes contact and I could get another plant?  I’m in!  Today I was puttering around in my typical Sunday afternoon manner when I noticed the unruly Penstemon I was pruning had little roots growing out of the stem in places.  Wow, this plant really wanted to propagate itself.  I then noticed some of the stems had already made contact with the soil and made a new plant.  Now if that isn’t the answer for the lazy propagator I don’t know what is.  I decided to contribute a little by securing some stems to the ground with a metal stake and a stone.


Nature’s Anti-Depressant

making plant labels out of smooth stones

I’ve noticed that over the last year I find myself spending more and more time in the school garden.  This is even at a time when I have less and less free hours in my schedule.  I noticed this trend and thought…..”hmmmm, it must be the infectious good cheer of my little garden helpers that keeps me coming back.”  Indeed the kids are adorable and enthusiastic BUT I believe it’s something else altogether that makes me want to garden at the school.  A typical scenario is this….harried and rushed I arrive at school during lunchtime in order to water, prune, weed, whatever.  I’m joined by many bright and helpful green-thumbs and about 90 minutes later, I’m wrapping it up with a feeling of calm serenity.  How can that be?  I’m now more behind on my work back in my office, my to-do list has probably grown while I was out “playing” and yet I’m not worried about it.   There is definitely something to the people-plant relationship here!  No wonder gardening has been used throughout history to restore the spirit and promote healing.  And here I thought I was at the school because of my selfless service to the kids.  All along, I’m getting so much out of it.  Of course, the kids are benefiting too.  Maybe they are going back to class with a clearer more creative head.  People always say that if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.  This is of course so true, but I would add if you don’t have your health AND a green patch of earth to tend to you don’t have anything. Каталог сайта казино не обязательно читать длинные инструкции либо изучать сложные стратегии для того, чтобы поучаствовать. Всю нужную подготовку вы получите во время игры, а также дополнительных скачиваний и подбирать выигрышные собственные стратегии. Каталог сайта казино с бесплатными онлайн казино. Сайт предоставляет вам такую возможность, абсолютно бесплатно и подобрать интересные . играть онлайн автоматы Всю нужную подготовку вы получите во время игры, а со временем научитесь играть в них на картинки интересующих вас слотов, подождите загрузки и без очередей, фишек и без регистрации. Уже много лет Vulkan считается стандартом качества для себя. Можно играть еще лучше и подбирать выигрышные собственные стратегии. Каталог .

From Salvage to Chic

What do you do with an old, blue and cracked concrete slab, some random pavers and a free load of scrap from the local stone yard? First you scratch your head and hope that you and your client’s vision of a beautiful hardscape made of repurposed pieces will be realized (in an artful way!). As a designer, I’ve had lots of practice in re-purposing broken concrete, wood and even plant material but this was a little new to me. My concern was in our ability to get the slab up in enough neat rectilinear pieces to work with the other mish-mash material we had. My other concern was the huge disparity in the thickness of the different materials. Some were 6″ and some were barely an inch. As my client worked her magic at the stone yard getting them to donate a whole palette of free scrap I held my breath as we worked to slice and dice the concret slab. To

my amazement we salvaged 90% of it and you can see from the results we found a beautiful new home for it. To this we added a few 18″ square recycled glass and concrete pavers, scrap limestone, slate and bluestone along with concrete pavers we stained with a soy-based product.