Landscape Design & Coaching | Satori Garden Design
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The landscape design process begins with a consultation during which the client’s aesthetic and practical goals are discussed. Following the consultation, a design proposal and scope of project will be presented. Once a deposit is paid, the design process begins with a full site evaluation, measurements and photography. As the initial concept is developed estimates are gathered and the project begins to take shape from an overall design and cost perspective. Collaboration with the client allows for further refinement and detailing of the design so that final approval is reached. Satori Garden Design in collaboration with a qualified installer then transitions the design into a reality. After install, Satori works with the client to ensure they understand how to take care of their new landscape. Satori is also available on a seasonal basis to coordinate quality maintenance such as pruning, irrigation tune-up, integrated pest management and compost tea application.


Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, an edible garden newbie or just want to better understand your landscape so you can get the right maintenance, a garden coach might be the answer. A coaching session typically consists of a consultation and written follow up with care instructions for the garden, local sources and other helpful information. There is a 4 hour minimum for garden coaching.