No room? Try espalier. | Satori Garden Design
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No room? Try espalier.


‘Anna’ Apple against a short sunny wall

We all see the amazing gardens in the magazines where people have an acre or two to grow their own food.  Yeah, that’s nice but what about the average person out there trying to grow things in a postage stamp garden.  I say go FLAT with your fruit trees.  Here’s a photo of my espaliered ‘Anna’ apple that takes up a measly 4′ wide by 18″ space.  You can espalier almost any type of fruit tree with Apples, Pomegranates, Figs and Pears being the easiest because their branches are the most pliable.  That being said, citrus and stone fruits are also good candidates for the technique.

Tips on Citrus espalier:

Tips on Apple espalier:


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