Permeable Prettier Pathways (say that 3 times!) | Satori Garden Design
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Permeable Prettier Pathways (say that 3 times!)

broken concrete and brick path

broken concrete and brick path

I’ve been so delighted as of late to see many people breaking up their concrete driveways or paths.  The results are not only very attractive but serve a greater purpose in allowing the water to percolate down rather than going into the storm drain system (and out to our ocean).  It’s funny how this approach makes so much sense and yet for decades it was all about paving things over and moving the water off site.  Design wise you can go in any direction.  For instance, this photo from fine gardening fits in with an naturalistic/informal garden but you can go more modern.  This Los Angeles Times article shows how concrete can be saw-cut for a linear and contemporary look.  Here’s some of my favorite permeable path images:

cobblestone garden path

stone and decomposted granite

crushed limestone path

large stone path in soil

pathway of long slabs and pebbles

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