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That amazing Comfrey

Symphtum uplandicum

Symphtum uplandicum

As I learn more about food forestry I’m constantly in awe of the usefulness of some plants.  Comfrey is one that really amazes me because it can do so much for the garden and for us.  Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is highly medicinal aiding in wound healing and anti-inflammation.  For the food forest is provides much soil building mulch.  Comfrey is considered a bio-accumulator because it pulls potassium, calcium and magnesium up through its tap root into its leaves.  These leaves later decompose in the soil and give back those nutrients that would’ve been hard for other plants to access.  Comfrey also fights compaction with it fat taproot.  Comfrey provides excellent shelter for beneficial insects and spiders.  I’m sure there’s even more Comfrey can do, clearly no garden should be without this workhorse of a plant.

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