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The Year I Ate My Yard

a must read before setting out in the garden

a must read before setting out in the garden

Reading “The Year I Ate My Yard” has become a yearling tradition for me.  Because I’m a much better ornamental grower than edible grower – I always need a little humor and confidence boost when starting my spring plantings.  How can you not laugh when there’s chapter headings like “Nudes” (using panty hose to protect melons or make compost tea ‘kielbasa’), or “Heavy Petting” (why plants who are touched do so much better).  Who knew that you could place pennies in the garden to fight those horrible snails instead of using expensive copper tape?  Well Tony Kienitz not only shares this but a lot more handy tips and tricks.  I love his philosophy about using what’s on hand to solve your garden issues.  He’s also an ecologist to the core, case in point is the chapter “Dead Bug Walking” where he advises that we “kill like nature does, proportionately, manually, and with less collateral damage.” His special brand of garden writing is illuminating, encouraging and absolutely hysterical.  I read this book to get my vegetable garden mojo going.   Just skimming it now has made me fall under it’s spell, again!

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  • April Halprin Wayland

    August 21, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Such a great review! So of course I just bought the book–thanks Arlene!