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What’s in a name?…a lot actually.


Cat Claw Vine or Macfadyena unguis-cati

Sure it’s a lot easier to say “Cat Claw Vine” than Macfadyena unguis-cati but knowing the botanical name of plants goes beyond the verbal gymnastics.  The latin names tell us a lot about the plant.  For instance, the first part of the name tells us what genus the plant is in while the second tells us the variety.  The botanical name can give us hints about the plant in question.  Undulatum would denote an undulating leaf margin while palmatum describes a palm-shaped leaf and serritifolia tells us the leaf margin is serrated.  We get color hints too; alba for white, glauca for a blueish color, incanus for gray, and ruber (rubrum), sanguineus, roseus, and coccineus all denote red.  Plant growth habits can be described as redolens (low and spreading), pendula (weeping), compacta (I bet you can guess that one) and so on.  Sometimes the names reflect the region where the plant grows such as californica, pacificum, japonica (japan), chinensis (china), etc… While other times the name just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense like with Erigeron karvinskianu (this name might reflect the name of the plant’s discoverer) or Cornus controversa (can’t even guess on that one).

Botanical names don’t change by region the way common plant names do, but they do change when botanist determine that a plant is a member of a different genus than previously thought.  Quite a bit of this is happening now due to advances in genome typing.  The former botanical names tend to hang on for a while at the nurseries and with the plant folks out there.  It can be a challenge to learn a new name for a plant you’ve known by another name for so long.  And don’t even get me started on spelling!

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