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Where did all the green carpet come from?

Carex pansa lawn

Carex pansa lawn

Lawns have become such a permanent fixture in our collective psyche that it’s hard to imagine a time when everyone didn’t have their plot of green.  We can thank the wealthy, well traveled Americans in the early 1900’s who returned from England with visions of estates with sweeping green lawns.  The lawn soon became a status symbol of wealth, for only the wealthy could afford to maintain a plot of grass just for looks not for grazing.  If you consider how different our climate is from England’s and the East Coast, for that matter, it’s easy to see how out of place big lawns are in Southern California.  Replace your lawn and suddenly fertilizing, de-thatching, aerating, overseeding, mowing, lawn pesticides, grass clippings, constant water, etc… are a thing of the past.  If you’re still on the fence about going with a lawn alternative you may want to do the water usage calculations of your current lawn.  Imagine the savings in money and resources with less pollution and chemicals to boot!  Check out more scarey facts about lawns.

We can replace our lawns with ground cover, gravel, decomposed granite, permeable pavers, etc…  Santa Monica has a great description of many ground cover alternatives to lawn.  And for tips on how to get rid of your lawn so you can plant something else check out “Four Ways to Remove Your Lawn

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