Horticultural Therapy Design and Implementation | Satori Garden Design
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making plant labels out of smooth stones in a children’s therapeutic garden

  • Initial site survey complete with base map, potential locations for HT and preliminary budget.
  • Evaluation of population served and how therapeutic goals can be achieved through HT.
  • Evaluation of current therapies offered and how HT can supplement and strengthen existing therapies.
  • Project budgeting based on needs of population, site survey and programmatic goals.
  • Collaborative design of garden space(s) incorporating input of various stakeholders in the organization.  Various areas can be distinguished for a mixed population (i.e., sensory, healing/calming, production/vocational, accessible/rehab, etc…)
  • Complete landscape design and/or indoor design of HT environment with details such as plant material, hardscape and bed design, irrigation plan, elevations, special structural detail, accessibility plan etc…
  • Bid management and installer selection.
  • Installation supervision of HT environments.
  • Programmatic design of HT specific to target population with guidelines for “best practices” and seasonal concerns.
  • Program supervision.
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