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In Praise of the “old-fashioned”

Camellia japonica happily hugging a partly shady wall

Camellia japonica happily hugging a partly shady wall

I’m reading a book right now called the “Paradox of Choice.”  As you can probably guess, it’s premise is that we now have tremendous choice in our lives about virtually everything and this is not necessarily a good thing.  In landscape design it’s no different, there is an exploding array of new plants and materials to choose from.  It’s thrilling to discover a new variety of something, and instantly one thinks “hmm, where can I use this?”   But time and time again, I am reminded about how some “old timers” like the Camellia are still as relevant and appropriate as ever.  For some, the Camellia just seems like something out of grandma’s garden and it definitely does reside there next to the twisting juniper and overgrown jade plant.  Just because the Camellia is at home in the garden’s of yore doesn’t mean it’s not a super performer in today’s garden.  Let me count the ways…..Camellia’s bloom when not much else does (mainly winter), Camellia’s are generally easily espaliered saving ton’s of “floor space” and providing a nice wall of glossy green leaves and blooms,  Camellia’s have limited pest problems and once established are surprisingly thrifty on water and Camellia’s can brighten up a shady area like few other plants.  The right Camellia can fit in with many different garden styles…cottage, Mediterranean, Japanese, formal, etc…

For an excellent selection of Camellias check out Nuccio’s nursery in Alta Dena.  They sell retail and wholesale and are very helpful in getting you the perfect Camellia for your location and design.  Here are some helpful care tips for Camellias.

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