Lush but not Thirsty | Satori Garden Design
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Lush but not Thirsty

It’s hard to believe but this backyard landscape will actually save my client over 17,000 gallons a year. Why?  We removed 800+ sq. ft. of thirsty traditional turf and replaced it with a lovely covered seating area and firepit, climate appropriate plantings (Correa, Heuchera, Grevillea, Astelia, Sedum, etc) AND we installed Agrostis pallens (native bentgrass) as the lawn alternative. This bentgrass is my new BFF….it grows roots down to 6-8 feet once established so its very drought tolerant. It will go dormant under drought situations and bounce right back when it gets rain or water. Therefore, you have a lawn that easily saves 75% of the water of a traditional lawn.